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Building a robot is expensive. Without the support of sponsors, we would not be able to get the supplies to build our robot and compete. Thank you for considering helping our team.

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Ravinia Brewing Company

On October 26th of 2022 at the restaurant Ravinia brewery, our robotics team taught students at the local elementary and middle schools who were involved in their school's FIRST® Lego League robotics teams about our robotics team and how FIRST® Tech Challenge works. We set up a simple obstacle course and let the students drive the robot through it in order to inspire them to continue to do robotics through high school and allow them to understand what it will look like if they continue to stick with robotics. The main goal of this project was to inspire kids so that they would look forward to participating in FIRST® Tech Challenge when they are older.

PREMIER Design + Build Group

PREMIER was founded in 2004 by three big thinkers with a singular vision. The focus has remained the same since day one: think outside the box to streamline the building process from concept to completion. They work alongside clients and building partners to manage projects, solve problems before they happen, shorten timelines, and reduce costs while delivering an exceptional end result.

Vous Vitamin

Vous Vitamin takes a new, more personal approach to your unique health needs, powered by the research of co-founders and physicians Romy Block, MD, and Ariel Levitan, MD, as well as their decades of medical training and in-field expertise in endocrinology, metabolism, and preventative health. Good health is a journey, so our approach will continue to evolve as our findings do.

Northwestern Medicine

Northwestern Medicine is an integrated healthcare system that brings together physicians and researchers from award-winning facilities in the Chicago area. Each of the Northwestern Medicine hospitals has a unique story, but the system shares the same vision. Northwestern Medicine is committed to superior quality, academic excellence, scientific discovery and patient safety.

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How To Sponsor Loose Screws

For Tax-Deductible Donations please make checks payable to FIRST® Illinois Robotics (write “24299 Loose Screws” in the memo line). FIRST® Illinois Robotics is an eligible 501(c)3 charitable corporation. Mail or deliver checks to (name):

FIRST® Illinois Robotics

PO Box 82

Prospect Heights, IL 60070-0082

Non-Tax-Deductible Donations please Venmo to Loose Screws at Romy-Block-Posner. Please include your name and email address so we can send you a donation receipt and “24299 Loose Screws”. Loose Screws is NOT a 501(c)3, so please seek advice from your tax advisor.

Contact us at outreach@loosescrews.tech!

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